Tips on photography for your wedding

You’re getting married and you want photography of your wedding day. Below are tips you should consider when planning your wedding day.

Tip #1 – DIY

Are you handy or good at arts and crafts? Well, then maybe Do It Yourself is a wonderful option. But, if you’re a busy person, like so many working professionals are, then do you really want to stress yourself with making all those things? And, when it comes to wedding photography, do you want to ask a friend or family member to be your “guest” at the wedding AND take photographs? One thing to consider is that a family member or friend may just want to enjoy your day and not be working their tail off for free or a small fee. Read Tip #4 for more on that subject.

Tip #2 – Talk to your photographer about your proposed timeline

No matter who helps you plan your day, the photographer should be a part of that planning. So many times the photographer is not included in this planning process and then the photographer has to go with your plan. And you might be asking, why include the photographer? As a photographer, I can tell you that so many times the schedule may not allow for much time for posed photographs or that it misses the best light conditions of the day.  Sitting down with your photographer early in your planning stages can help give you some stunning photographs.  Also, it can ease some stress during the day. For example…you plan your timeline so close, you give the photographer 30 minutes to photograph family and group photos. A few things could be an issue. One, your family is so large, 30 minutes won’t get it done. Secondly, you schedule it at sunset and that would be the best time for the photographer to photograph just the wedding couple to get some stunning and dramatic images of them.

Photographers are used to having their photo session times cut short when some things run too long. But, with a well planned timeline and a wedding planner keeping you on schedule, that will rarely happen. After the wedding is over, the only things that will be a permanent reminder of your wedding day are the photographs. So, consider giving the photographer ample time in your timeline. The only way to insure this is to plan your timeline with your photographer.

Tip #3 – Talk to your photographer and/or your wedding planner about your color scheme and ideas.

Photographers will know about color because it is so much a part of their craft. Some colors look fantastic together and some just clash with each other. Artists also know this and a well crafted painting will bring complimentary colors together to make the painting stand out. That is what you should want as well. In your planning stages with your wedding planner, venue coordinator, dress maker, florist and photographer, you can make your wedding day/setting look gorgeous, or you can make it hard to look at. Take the time to consult with your professionals you are working with. It will pay off in great dividends because your wedding photos will reflect your attention to detail.

Tip #4 – Hire a professional Photographer

So many couples look for ways to stretch their wedding budget. Going DIY is one method. Another is to ask a friend or family member to photograph your wedding. This can turn out fantastic if your friend or family member is a professional. But, what if they’re a hobbyist? Do they have any experience photographing a wedding? Do they even have the right equipment to do an adequate job? The answer may surprise you. Most hobbyist photographers don’t even have an adequate camera and lens, but they somehow think they do. Of course, some will be well trained and full of equipment, but they don’t know what to expect and they don’t bring all the right equipment. In the end, many couples are sadly disappointed with the snapshot style photos they get. And, then they send the photos to a local dealer to make an album which seems like a great value but the quality is poor. After the wedding is over, you can’t do it over. So, the quality is lacking and you end up disappointed you didn’t hire a pro. Hire a professional! I’ve written an article on just how to find one. Check it out.

What can you expect from a professional wedding photographer?

  • Someone who knows his craft.
  • Someone who has equipment for any lighting situation
  • Someone who can find the right location for portraits
  • Someone who knows how to pose couples, individuals and groups
  • Someone with an eye for details
  • Someone with an eye for style
  • Someone with an eye for beauty
  • Someone who can take you from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Someone who can build you a beautiful and high quality wedding album
  • Someone who will spend the time to get it right
  • Someone who is paid to photograph you and is not there to party
  • Someone who knows how to edit your images properly and artistically
  • …and so  much more
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