Q and A

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

A: I have a few wedding collections that I have given a lot of thought to. My collections start at $1,599 and go up from there. Our average ranges around $2,000. Every wedding is different and every couple is different. All of us set our values on things we enjoy the most, so there are some who place photography as a high priority and some that don’t. We try to find a happy medium for our clients who have different values and who have different budgets.

Q: What do you accept for payment?

A: We accept cash, check or credit card. We even have the option of online invoices which are paid with credit card. With that option, if needed, we can set up a payment plan that makes each payment smaller and easier to handle. We don’t charge a service fee for this option. To book your date, we require a 50% deposit and final payment 30 days before the wedding day.

Q: What geographic area do you cover?

A: We are located in Albuquerque, NM and we serve the surrounding area to include Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. We don’t charge extra for those areas. We are available for destination weddings outside our area and we can work out the extra expenses depending on the location and duration of the trip. We have even created a destination wedding collection that might work out to be a wonderful option. Don’t hesitate to ask for a proposal.

Q: What style of photography do you offer?

A: This is a very important question when looking for a wedding photographer. Some photographers might even have difficulty describing their style. But, the wedding photography industry has come up with some good categories to help couples choose photographers with the style they like best. I have categorized myself as a documentary photographer. My second photographer who works with me is also in the same category. Some have labeled this style as Lifestyle. Some call it Photojournalism. What does it mean? No matter the name, it’s capturing events as they happen and allowing people to be themselves. There is little or no posing. What you’ll see in your finished images are people interacting in their own ways. I like this style because it captures the real things, such as tears, laughter, crying, love and hope. In the end, we want our photographs to have an emotional impact with lasting memories. We also want our couples to enjoy themselves and have fun. In addition to documentary style, we add some images that take some time to set up with special lighting and we call this style dramatic. My second photographer also likes the documentary style.

Q: Our wedding venue is very dark and part of the reception will be after dark. Can you photograph in a low light setting?

A: This is an important question. The answer is, YES. As far back as high school, I was learning about light. For four years I was on my high school’s lighting crew for our auditorium. I learned first hand how special lighting effects changed the mood and either made the scene look wonderful or terrible. I’m very much a high technology geek. So, I’ve embraced the latest in technology especially when it comes to lighting for photography. Weddings and the differing venues are always a unique challenge when it comes to lighting. For that reason, I will always scout out the venue before the wedding day. It helps me prepare a plan of action and what equipment I might need. In the end, I bring an arsenal of lighting equipment and I also have a lighting assistant with me.

Q: Do you pose any of your images and do you do group and family portraits at wedding receptions?

A: Yes we do. Weddings bring together family and friends that have often been apart and live in different parts of the USA or even in other countries. This is the one time to get everyone together again and so group photos can be wonderful memories. But, even though we will pose these images, we’re also looking for those moments when family members are being themselves. We always try to photograph everyone multiple times and in candid ways. These can show the joy, laughter, tears and fun everyone is having together. As I’ve broadened my skills in photography, I also enjoy nighttime settings where I can paint with light to get dramatic images. Given the right environment, I can even capture the stars, moon, city lights and more to show off with dramatic looks, the setting of your special day.

Q: We’re getting married in a church that doesn’t allow flash photography during the ceremony. Can you adequately photograph a wedding without flash photography?

A: I honestly believe that the photographer should not be a distraction, just for the sake of getting a good image. I don’t use flash (on or off camera) during a ceremony unless specifically asked to do so. What I will do is use good photography equipment that can take good photos in low light settings. Again, the technology has come a long way and I embrace the technology.

Q: Do you offer digital image files?

A: Short answer, yes. I started in photography during the film age. Back then all photographers kept the negatives or film and offered only prints to their customers. Today, we use digital cameras and it’s easy to make copies of those files. So, it only makes sense that a photographer will provide the digital images. One might even think it’s frugal to do so, because it will save you a lot of money in the printing process. That might be true, but we still encourage our customers to use us for those very special prints. We use high quality professional print labs that are not available to the general public. They only cater to professional photographers. If you value your wedding photographs and want to show them off in your home or in a wedding album, having them printed by a professional lab does make all the difference in quality.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: From time to time I will have specials. Sometimes is because of price breaks from our vendors and labs. I like passing on savings to my customers. Starting in 2019, I was proud to announce the offering of a 5% discount for all military veterans. For active duty military, police and fire fighters, we are offering a 10% discount on all of our collections. This is a special thank you to all who help keep America safe and I salute you.

Q: Is your business insured?

A: Yes.

Q: How long do you store you digital images?

A: I don’t delete my images. I have created a storage and retention plan so that I will never destroy or delete any of my images. This starts on the day of the wedding. When I get home, I immediately begin the storage and copy system so that if there is any equipment failure, I won’t lose any of my files or work I’ve already done.

Q: You have a few collections, but do you offer customized collections?

A: Yes. In as much as I think our collections offer good value and contain products that are popular, they can’t possibly be what everyone wants. I’m continually modifying my collections as interests change, but I will also entertain customized collections. All that is needed is for someone to give me their desires and needs and I’ll work on at least 3 options for them to choose from. For those who are very specific, I will create just one collection. Once we complete a wedding and the images are viewable on our gallery, family and friends are welcome to order individual prints right from our web gallery. Plus, we offer small parent albums and specialty prints like splits and clusters. With most of our collections, we will offer discounts for additional printing requests.

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