I began my love for photography when I was 8 years old and someone gave me a box camera. Over the years, I always wanted to improve my skills and most of that was from trial and error.  Over time, I purchased better equipment and I continued to better myself. In the Navy, my commanding officer saw my photography skills and selected me to be on the “snoopy team” as the photographer. I took many intel photos of war ships, fishing vessels and events. I left the Navy and became a Special Agent with NCIS. Although not a primary duty, I took crime scene photos, many of which challenged my skills as a photographer. Over the years, family and friends asked me to take photos and video of weddings, anniversaries and other events, to which some began to ask, “are you a professional photographer?”  Since my retirement from NCIS, I realized, that is truly what I want to do.  I now live in the “Land of Enchantment” with a variety of new areas to explore and discover.  I have yet to reach most of them, but that is what my plans are for the years to come.  What I love is, I live in a community where the roads are all named after famous photographers and the surrounding area is perfect for natural light portraits.


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