Are you getting married in Albuquerque or Santa Fe and looking for a wedding photographer? I am a documentary-style photographer with a few other styles mixed in. What does that mean? Simply put, I don’t pose the majority of my photos. I’m a storyteller using photographs to tell the story of your wedding day. A lot goes on during the day and everyone’s wedding is unique. Posed photographs begin to all look the same. I like to tell unique stories and so I don’t stop the action by asking for a pose. I keep clicking away with my cameras, documenting those precious moments that are real. It’s why they’re unique. You can’t make this stuff up. And, you end up with the real story of your day. Sure, most couples want family and friend portraits. Those are posed we do those too. And something I do enjoy is what I call landscape portraits. Also planned and posed. Who wouldn’t want an epic photo taken at your wedding location? I love them too. So, I plan out these images with you so we can capture that amazing sunset at the right time or a beautiful image of you in front of your church. Whatever it is, we plan it together.

We have wedding collections starting at $1899.00. Our average is about $2,000.00.

We are proud of our albums. As you pick your favorite images from your wedding, we spend the time to artfully design an album that tells your story and fits your style.  We are providing albums hand-made in Europe, using the finest leathers. All our albums contain at least 40 pages and come in a variety of sizes, from 10×10 to 16×20. We look at these as your first family heirloom and so quality and elegance are a must.

Give us a call at 505-800-2543 or email us at We can show you our wedding collections that include some real value for the dollar. Or, we can customize your own collection. It up to you. We offer beautiful albums, digital slideshows, fine art prints, photo invitations, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, photo guestbooks, social media postings, online galleries and digital photo files.

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Engagement Photography

Why have Rick Saul Photography do your engagement session? This is the best time to get comfortable with your wedding photographer. You will learn what you like and don’t like. And, most importantly, it gives you diversity with the imagery in your home. You won’t have every image of you in your dress and tuxedo and at the same time of year. Engagement pictures will give you the diversity in art you are looking for in your home.

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Family and Event Portrait Photography

Photographing people can be one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my photography. As a photo/journalist, I like to just be in the mix, taking photographs of people interacting or doing their thing…especially children. But, over time, I learned the art of posing too. I still prefer seeing people as they are and so that challenges me to photograph them in natural settings and let them be themselves. Posing is a part of that, but when I can capture who they really are, I believe I’ve done it right.


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As a child, I traveled the United States with my family and got to see some amazing sites. I carried my little box camera and tried to capture the beauty of this country. Over time, I gradually improved my skill and equipment and then got to travel the world in the Navy. Still, I never quite knew how to really capture landscapes until I began to really concentrate on it. The digital age changed my style with instant feedback. Now, I enjoy traveling and spending time at locations, anticipating and planning my sessions. I love the outdoors and all the beauty it has to offer.

DSC_8575_HDR for web siteWhite Sands, NM
Rick Saul PhotographyShiprock, NM
DSC_0088 30 x 20Storm Clouds, Mesa del Sol, NM
DSC_8575-B&amp;W-for-web-pageWhite Sands, NM
DSC_7151-for-web-low-rezLightning on Mesa del Sol, NM
_DSC0381-reduced-for-web-siteFerris Wheel, Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA




Interested in having Rick Saul Photography for your Albuquerque or Santa Fe wedding? Please feel free to contact us using the above contact form or call us at (505) 800-2543.  We will be happy to go over our wedding collections and show you the products we offer.

Interested in Rick Saul Photography for a family photo, or for photographing a birthday party, special occasion or anniversary? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Senior portraits? Again, don’t hesitate to call or contact us using the above form.

We are located at 2339 Gandert Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. Call us for an appointment and we would love to show you what we can do for you.

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